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What’s so great about Miracle II Soap?

Miracle 2 Soap is the only soap you need to clean everything that water won't hurt. Miracle soap is noted for its natural make up and non toxicity thus renowned for being the best personal care, household product that can wash a newborn baby’s bottom, clean up an oil spill, and everything in between.

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What is Liquid Manna?

Liquid Manna is extremely oxygenated natural spring water created with a proprietary energetic charging process.  Liquid Manna is "stable" extremely oxygenated spring water created with a proprietary energetic process. Stable means it will not lose its oxygen sitting in an open container.  

Liquid Manna enhances water at the cellular level so your body can achieve the benefit of having an oxy rich (oxygen rich) environment. Some call the process oxygen enhanced water or oxygen enriched water when oxygen is bubbled in water or mixed with a blender, but it will not achieve the same results at the cellular level.

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