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Sock Locs Locking Sock Rings

Keep your socks together!! No more lost socks!

What is the key to "No More Missing Socks”?

Laundry sock organizering clips seldom misplace or mismatch socks. As expected overtime socks randomly disappear when nothing is done to hold and keep them together?

Socks seldom ever end up missing when you clip them together immediately after they are removed before they go to the laundry or dresser drawer.

Sock keepers, Sock Rings, Sock organizing Clips, Sock holders, Sock savers, Sock locks, Loc a Soc Sock Locking Rings and Sock clips can be used to neatly organize socks and keep them together.

Oil Display Cases and Miracle 2 of Utah are the best places to get soft & flexible sock locking rings that work successfully over and over again. Sock Lock organizers solve the sock sorting missing sock problem and keep similar colors together and save the laundry lady oodles of time.

Why are Sock Locking Rings better?

Sock Locking Rings fit firmly around the fabric and the unclipped portion of the sock lifts up to form padding so the rings do not bang around in the washer or dryer. 

The Sock Rings with four securing tabs make installation and removal much easier without compromising the integrity of the locking mechanism in comparison to those that have 5 or more.

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