The Revelation TURBO Undersink Water Ionizer


NEW EOS Revelation 2 Turbo Undersink Water Ionizer


The EOS Revelation 2 TURBO Nine Plate Undersink Water Ionizer

This Revelation 2 Undersink Water Ionizer is manufactured by EOS Hi Tech who also makes the Genesis Platinum and Genesis Equus. Its sleek luxurious design lets it fit into even the most sophisticated kitchens. It has the power to clean, revitalize and ionize even the toughest class of US water and it will take up very little counter space. The spigot is only ten inches high and two and a half inches wide, you get nine preset pH levels customizable to 76, a beautiful seven color LCD screen, pH and ORP display, filter life display, and convenient touch sensors to control it all.

Imagine nine plates of ionization sixteen stages of filtration all of which takes place under the sink so it’s out of sight and out of way. The medical grade filters clean up and revitalize your tap water, while the powerful electrolysis chamber ionizes your water to a perfect alkalinity that is healthy for you and your family to drink. The machine is backed up with a five year unlimited parts, labor and shipping warranty and 60 day money back guarantee.

Revelation TURBO Water Ionizer Features: 

New!  Turbo Button.  One simple push creates the strongest pH water for cooking and disinfecting.

Nine Platinum-Titanium Plates.  With patented EOS slotted plate technology.

325 watts.  The power necessary to ionize virtually any US water. 

SMPS Electrical System.  Reduces heat and increases ionization precision.

76 pH Levels.  More than any other water ionizer!  Customizability to fit any water.

7 Color LCD Screen.  Displays pH, ORP, filter life, and more.

16 Stage Filter System.  Best in the industry.  Cleans and revitalizes water before it is even ionized! Sulphite free.  

Unsurpassed Design.  Designed by top EOS engineers to look great and perform better than any other water ionizer. 

Automatic Cleaning System.  Industry leading.  Senses contaminants on plates and only cleans when necessary, so water and energy aren't wasted.  

5 Year Parts, Labor, and Shipping Warranty, Lifetime Warranty on Plates.  Some companies are offering so-called Lifetime warranties.  They are very limited. Our warranty is unlimited and covers everything for five years!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee.  If not totally satisfied, return it within 60 days for a refund minus the industry standard 15% restocking fee.  

Revelation Operation:

The Revelation 2 under sink Ionizer has the same functionality as a Genesis Platinum with two more plates and the controls are built into the spigot.  The Revelation 2 faucet is designed for ease of use. It has two movable arms to dispense alkaline and acid water.  When you select an alkaline level, the alkaline water comes out of the top arm, while the acid water comes out of the bottom arm, making collection of both waters simple!

Its simple controls make the Revelation a breeze to use! There are four levels of alkaline water, four levels of acid water, and a pure water button.

To select the desired level of alkaline water simply push the ALKALINE button until the pH you want is displayed, then press "on" to get that water.  Want acid water?  Just press the ACID button.  Want filtered-only water?  Just press the PURE button!

Want TURBO water? Hold down the alkaline water button for five seconds and you'll get the strongest alkaline and acid water instantly!

The Revelation Base:

The Revelation base fits under the sink.  It houses two filters, nine plates, and the electrical system.  There is an inlet for plugging in the power cord.

The Revelation Filtration System:

The new Revelation 2 Undersink Water Ionizer also introduces the most sophisticated filtration system for any water ionizer, touting two internal filters with sixteen stages to clean, condition, and revitalize your water before it is even ionized!

Filter 1:  Offers seven levels of treatment including four anti-bacterial felts, a sediment filter, ion exchange resin for fluoride removal, and activated carbon.

Filter 2:  Offers a large section of silver activated carbon filtration, pure calcium, activated carbon, ceramic ball, as well as five more anti-bacteria felts.

We take great pride in keeping you and your family safe from bacteria, chlorine, and other contaminants that threaten one’s health and well-being. After the tap water passes through both filters, it comes out fresh, smooth, and ready to be ionized!

This two filter system eliminates the need for most pre-filters, so for most customers the Revelation is ready to go right out of the box! The filter life for these filters is displayed on the screen.  So you know exactly when to replace your filters.

The EOS Electrolysis Chamber:

The Revelation 2 has 9 patented slotted plates inside a huge electrolysis chamber, designed for power, precision and performance.  EOS is the only water ionizer manufacturer with an exclusive relationship with the Hee Sung Metal Company, the top rated metal company in Japan.  That's why we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the EOS electrolysis chamber!

The EOS Patented Slotted Plate:

Solid, flat plates, like those used in the Enagic Kangen SD501 Water Ionizer, have a major problem in that the electrical current flows around the edges of the plate, leaving the center of the plate mostly unused.  Most water ionizer manufacturers have addressed this problem by putting mesh over their plates, so the whole plate is utilized during ionization.  But mesh has a major problem in that it puts ridges on the plates that capture minerals, and as the minerals build up, ionization gets weaker, forcing customers to clean their plates often.  Only EOS has solved this problem by offering patented slotted plates that utilize the entire plate without having to use mesh!

What is the Best Water Ionizer for your Investment?

The Revelation 2 Undersink Ionizer is the hallmark for all water ionizers.  It is the pinnacle.  It is the leader.  It is unmatched. It is an investment that may well improve your family’s health. Ionized water has been shown to improve sleep, metabolism, digestion, and it will detoxify your body and keep it clean.  Plus the water ends up clean and tastes great!

To our knowledge there are only six undersink water ionizers on the market, we've included them all here.  As you can see, the Revelation shines in comparison to the others, especially when it comes to power, functions, and price.



Water for Life USA EOS Revelation 2


Watershed Odyssey

Life 8100

Jupiter Delphi

Chanson VS70















Total Plate Surface Area:







Plate Type:

Patented Slotted Plate Technology

Mesh Hybrid


Mesh or Flat Plates



Electrical System:







Automatic Electrolysis Adjustment to Source Water



No. Runs set amount of current through plates regardless of source water.




Number of Settings:

4 Alkaline, 4 Acid, 1 Filtered Only

4 Alkaline, 3 Acid, 1 Filtered Only

4 Alkaline, 2 Acid, 1 Filtered Only

4 Alkaline, 2 Acid, 1 Filtered Only.

4 Alkaline, 2 Acid, 1 Filtered Only

4 alkaline, 2 acid, 1 filtered only


Touch Sensors

Touch Screen


Touch Sensors

Touch Sensors


Adjustability to Source Water:

76 Levels pH + ORP Adjustment

Yes, unknown total settings.

No. Only the four alkaline and two acid levels available.

60 Levels.


Not adjustable

Cleaning Cycle:

Automatic.  Determined by mineral build up on plates.

Automatic.  Determined by mineral build up on plates.

Runs on a timer, cleans every day.



Automatic, based on plate contamination.


4 Filter System: Sediment, Precarbon, Revitalizing, Postcarbon

2 filter system. Activated Carbon and carbon plus remineralizing.

3 Filter System (prefilter, not inside of base), activated carbon filtration.

2 filter system. Activated carbon with vitamin C.

Single Filter: 9 Stage Activated Carbon with Biostone`

Single Filter: Activated Carbon Filter with Lead Reduction


Lifetime on Plates. 5 Years Unlimited Parts, Labor, Shipping:

Warranty covers all parts, labor, and shipping costs for the first five years.

Our plates have a lifetime warranty with labor and shipping. 

Lifetime Unlimited Warranty:

Promises to cover everything during lifetime of machine.


5 Year Warranty

Details not posted on site.

Lifetime on all parts / 5 years on labor.

Covers shipping for three months only.


Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Details not on site. 



Lifetime Limited Warranty: 5 Years Parts, labor (customer pays shipping).  Then lifetime parts (customer pays shipping and labor).




$3999 (on presale for $2999)





Models:  These are the top models on the market.  EOS designs their models and manufacturers the components for those designs, making them a top-tier water ionizer company. Jupiter models are manufactured by Emcotech, also a top-tier manufacturer.  Tyent products are assembled, making them lower quality, but they have the power necessary for difficult US water.  Life Ionizers are manufactured by Biantech, a lower quality Korean manufacturer, but still better than assembly. Life Ionizers are also powerful.   

The Enagic SD501 was left off of this chart because it is too old.  It only has five settings and a very small filter.  It retails for $3980 and at that price, nobody should buy it.  The KYK Generation 2 was also left off this chart.  We used to distribute KYK product until their primary component manufacturer, EOS, cut them off.  We have since contracted with EOS because they design and manufacture their models whereas KYK is just an assembler and now the components KYK are using are lower quality.

Product Specifications:


Revelation Undersink Water Ionizer Front


* Spigot:  10.25 inches tall, 2.25 inches wide


* Base: 15.25 inches tall, 11 inches wide, 6 inches deep


* Weight: 14 pounds


* Flow rate:  2.0 to 4.0 liters per minute


* pH Range: 1.5 to 12.5 (depending on source water)



What's in the box?


Revelation Accessories

* Spigot


* Base

* 5/16 inch hose for alkaline water


* 1/4 inch hose for acidic water


* Cold Water Line Diverter Valve


* Power Cord


* Manual


* pH Testing Drops



Conclusion: The Revelation is the least expensive undersink water ionizer (except for the Odyssey), but offers the best filtration and most levels of pH and ORP.  It has 9 plates just like the Tyent Turbo Extreme, 300 watts, comes with an unlimited 5 year warranty, and in our opinion is the most stylish.



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Mineral Alkaline Water Ionizer

The AOK-909 is an advanced 8 Stage filtration system designed to provide you with clean, pure, alkaline and ionized water. AOK mineral alkaline water ionizers can convert regular tap water into alkaline and ionized water through its layered filtration system. The filtered water with alkaline and negative ORP can be use for drinking and cooking and it can effectively solve the health risks that are caused by water pollution.

AOK–909 Alkaline water ionizer

This is the newest revolution of none electronic natural alkaline water ionizers. It is a smart alkaline water ionizer that is 100% natural, this product can easily purify the water, produce a good pH up to 9.6 and increase the ORP’s up to -350mv dependent upon the tap water conditions.

AOK909 follows EU& FDA Standards for water treatment; it is white in color with food grade ABS materials. It weighs approximately 4 lbs., almost 12 inches tall and its outside diameter is just over 5 inches. 


Mineral Alkaline Water Ionizer AOK909


List Price
AOK-909 + Extra replacement filter


 Replacement Filter for Mineral Alkaline Water Ionizer AOK-909

List Price
AOK-909 Replacement Filter
AOK-909 Replacement Filter

Installation Tips

The installation of this water ionizer filtering unit was made easy so all you need to do is connect the water diverter valve (included in the package) to the faucet bib. This allows the user to control the water supply to the machine giving the user the ability to turn the water on and off as desired. 

AOK-909 Filter
Akaline Mineral Water Ionizer

8 Layers of Ecellent Filtration
The 1st Layer 0.2 um precision ceramic filter
This is the bottom layer of the filter – it effectively removes debris, particles and pathogens.
The 2nd Layer Ion Exchange Resins
The Ion Exchange Resins help adjusts the calcium and magnesium content to soften water for better taste and avoid calculus.
The 3rd Layer KDF
(KDF) Kinetic Degradation Fluxion is a high quality copper-zinc formulation designed to remove chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies.
The 4th Layer Activated Granular Carbon
For absorption of chlorine, odors and colors, improves taste and inhibits the reproduction of microorganisms.
The 5th Layer Anion Minerals
Promotes the beneficial microorganisms, produces regulatory factors and enhances the metabolism.
The 6th Layer FIR Energy Beads
Activates & breaks water molecules into smaller molecule clusters for optimal cell absorption. Adjusts body microcirculation, skin pore expansion, makes the skin better, increases the absorption of nutrition, detoxifies and increases metabolism.
The 7th Layer KDF+ Activated Granular Carbon
This layer is for further chlorine, odor and color absorption, improves the taste and inhibits the reproduction of microorganisms.
The 8th Layer Magnetic Stones
The small molecules of water pass through the strong magnetic magnetization thence they become more stable and the arrangement is more orderly with memory function.

 AOK-909 Features:

1. Silky-smooth water comes out of the filter leaving it sweet and tasty.

2. The pH range is 7+ to 9.5 (it typically increases the pH about 2 or more points).

3. Lowers the negative ORP, typically reducing the Oxygen Reduction Potential by at least 200mv, giving it a strong and measureable antioxidant potential.

4. The abundance of activated hydrogen also helps eliminate active oxygen (free radicals).

5. The small water molecules create very absorbable water.

6. DE oxidation becomes visible when activated hydrogen bubbles are formed.

7. Contains silver ceramic and anti-bacterial balls.

8. Purifies tap water, removes bacteria, chlorine and other harmful substances.

The advantages of owning an AOK909

1. A quick and easy way to create higher quality water for greater wellness.

2. 8 layers of filtering for excellent filtration.

3. Filter replacement made easy. The manufacturer recommends a 12-month usage based upon a consumption of 5-6 liters daily.

4. No electricity needed.

5. The efficiency is excellent and the cost to operate is low.

6. Constructed materials are said to be nontoxic.

7. Its multifunctional ability is recommended for washing, cooking and drinking.

8. Proven over 30 years with thousands of users.

9. Easily installed in the home or work place.

10. An abundance of negative ions and natural far infrared ionization makes the body more energetic, more dynamic, more alert and not easily tired.

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