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Dear Dr. Mercola:
I am very unhappy to hear that you are thinking that ALKALINE WATER  will damage the stomach.
I started drinking the water about 2 years ago, and I wouldn't be without it, now!  I feel so much better  and so is my stomach!  As for toxic metals being increased, I have been tested and mine have gone down!
I am stronger and feel better mentally (am more  'up' - increased well being)
I'm 78 and was having a hard time getting out of the bath tub (was scary) and in a short time it was no problem at all -- I was just very noticeably stronger!  (and it has remained)
My acid reflux went away!
Cramping in my toes, feet and legs at night in bed, WENT AWAY!
I scrub my head with a brush when I wash my hair and NOW LESS HAIR COMES OUT!
It is now easy for me to drink enough water, 'cause this tastes so good and goes down easy.  I enjoy it as much as tea or coffee, EVEN MORESO! (JUST DRINK WATER INSTEAD, and for sure don't want pop anymore!
I've had 2 hip replacerment surgeries this past year and each was a 'piece o' cake'   - but of course there's no proof that drinking the water helped -- but people couldn't believe how well each surgery went, and how fast that I recovered!
I'm sure I'll think of more later, but this is on the spur of the moment.
I'm  disappointed in you being negative about this water -- but you just need proper education and experience it your self!
I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND that you start drinking this water and I recomment the GENESIS PLATINUM -- IT IS THE TOP PERFORMER at an excellent price!  And then you will probably want to be a supplier, that is, a dealer.  (would be very profitable for you)
Very sincerely,

Shirley Johnson

Please let us know if your decision to purchase a Genesis Platinum had anything to do with reading Shirley’s testimony.










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