Liquid Manna

Liquid Manna is Fred Neal’s Authentic Oxy rich oxygen water. Regal, Pearl and R+105 are three highly energized oxygenated enhanced waters.

What is Liquid Manna?

Liquid Manna is highly oxygenated natural spring water created with a proprietary, energetic charging process.  Liquid Manna is stabilized oxygen - meaning it will not lose its oxygen sitting in an open container.

Some call dissimilar processes oxygen enhanced water which is done by either bubbling oxygen in water or by mixing water like a blender. Neither bubbling nor blending oxygen affects the water at the cellular level to where your body can use the oxygen.

Whereas Liquid Manna enhances water at the cellular level so your body can achieve the benefits of an oxygen rich environment. 

It is believed that disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment and oxygen is known to neutralize and eliminate excessive acidity and toxins. While this product (Liquid Manna) is a fairly new discovery, the reports from those who have used them have been miraculous. Additionally, healthy cells must have adequate levels of oxygen.

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated that the underlying cause of disease is oxygen deficiency. He proved that no pathogen or cellular mutation can survive in an oxygen-rich environment within the body. Until now the delivery of adequate levels of oxygen was inconvenient and expensive and not easily accessible.

What is Liquid Manna more than just water?

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Our Liquid Manna is not just water bubbled or blended; it is a technology whose time has come. Thus, we consider Liquid Manna™ a God-inspired technology that allows us to enhance the oxygen in water without opening the bottle.

It is a proprietary technology that some folks don't understand and we’re not about to reveal how it is done. Col. Sanders, Coca-Cola and others market their products without revealing their secret recipes, so with that precedence we take comfort in keeping this technology secret also. 

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