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Say No to Counterfeit Health Care - Yes to the Alternative

Authored by Warren Edwin Davidson 


Enjoy life, grow older, get sick, seek help from medical doctors, be introduced to unnatural drugs, get sicker, take more drugs, die taking 6 to 12 drugs or more. 

Is this scenario in your future?

Is there an alternative? YES, there is! 

Would you like to be drug free for life and healthier than those who choose to take drugs? The human body is a natural creation. Drugs are not! That's why they have so many side-effects. And drugs do not equal health, in spite of all the propaganda to make us believe that they do! 

The mainstream media is not addressing this aspect of health care. Meaning, it is possible to opt-out of traditional health care by learning about natural foods, supplements and procedures and altering the diet and lifestyle; but common people are not being advised of this fact. 

You don't have to become a drug user on the insistence of the medical industry. Based on credible research, what you eat will determine, to a great extent, what chronic diseases you will get. Learn in the book what causes health. 

For less than the cost of taking your honey out for dinner and a movie, you can get this powerful information. This book gives you the potential to stack the deck in your favor to avoid getting chronic and degenerative diseases!

I chose not to get on the railroad to becoming a medical drug user. 

If you are fine with health care as it is - do nothing, but, chances are you'll be caught in the trap. 

If you want to free yourself from the high costs for health care and from current medical trends, you need the book, Say NO to Counterfeit Health care, YES to the Alternative. 

Buy, read, and make appropriate lifestyle and diet changes. Chances are you will be rewarded financially and physically. 

Through this book you'll be led to find out the frightening truth of what is happening to our food industry. 

The author is seventy-two years of age. He uses no drugs at all, over-the-counter or prescribed. The book will show you how Davidson took control of his own, low cost, proactive health care system. Join the multitudes that are saving thousands of dollars by not participating in the health care system designed by the SDC (described in the book).

Bottom Line: The plan for how to avoid being corralled into taking drugs in the name of health is in this book. Give someone this gift, even if it is to yourself.

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About the author:

Warren Edwin Davidson was an over-the-phone, Spanish-English interpreter for eleven years. He interpreted many calls for medical doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, and insurance companies. In this process he gained profound insight into these industries. After a few years, the author developed the desire to write this book to let people know that there is an alternative. You don't have to take drugs as you age. There is a wonderful way to be free of the system that would turn you into a drug user in the name of health.

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