Alkaline Water Ionizers

A Genesis Platinum and a Revelation UnderSink Ionizer both rank at the top in performance. Our water ionizers, water purifiers and water filters produce the tastiest alkaline ionized drinking water. Genesis, Revelation, KYK and Kangen water ionizers without a doubt beat distilled water and reverse osmosis.

Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer made by EOS HITECH CO., INC

Genesis Platinum is the top performer in its class built strong and durable to withstand 300 watts of power, equipped with 7 muscular titanium platinum plates, 76 convenient levels of adjustment for pH and ORP and comes with a large LCD seven... screen for easy readability. In comparison to other models it’s not very expensive. Water for Life USA Genesis Platinum is well under half the cost of an Engaging Kangen Water Ionizer and its performance is superb and ideal.

Do not be deceived or fooled by our competitors – our 300 watt machine is the most powerful water ionizer on the market and even stronger than those with nine plates. It’s the truth, only so much ionization can be done to water and the Genesis Platinum can do it. The Genesis Platinum peeks out at a 12.5 pH to 2.0 pH. This is almost the entire pH range even if you had a nine plate model ionizer, or a twelve plated one, or more than that you could not ionize the water any more.

None the less this is all you and your family will ever need to create that perfect drinking water ranging from 7.0 to 9.5 pH, you get disinfectant water below 2.3 pH, and a natural detergent above 11 pH. As you can see with a Genesis Platinum you’ll get everything you’ll ever need.

And again don’t be fooled by water ionizer reviews - there are no independent review sites. They are all owned by our competitors and you won’t see our products listed on any of them because Water for Life USA won’t let them. Our product and business ethics do the talking for us. 


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Can Over Alkalinity or Super Acidity be Dangerous to Your Health?

Even though the Genesis Platinum Ionizer was cleverly built to not produce alkaline water stronger than 11 and not less than 3 acid water it’s important to note that it is still possible to go above and below that reading. EOS TECH did this for your safety giving consideration to the fact that over alkaline or super acid water used inappropriately could be dangerous to your health. With all the hype in the market about whose machine is the best we decided to include brief instructions on how to achieve the higher and lower pH. With water that is too hard, too soft, too cold or too hot it may be impossible to achieve these waters without re-treating the water source. We also have additional filters called re-filters to deal with these issues so please call us for prices and availability. (801) 489 3471.

How to make super Acid Water & Super Alkaline Water using the Genesis Platinum?

  1. Following steps 3 thru 4 will set the electrolysis to its maximum level.
  2. Change the pH of the source water to be ionized to 8.0.
  3. Set the highest pH using the #4 alkaline setting.
  4. From there increase the ORP to its highest level.
  5. Now lower the water flow to between 1.0 and 1.2 liters per minute accomplished by adjusting either the facet or under sink diverted value.
  6. Select #4 alkaline setting and push the on button.
  7. Now you can get 2.0 to 3.0 acid water out of the drain pipe that is connected to the bottom of the Genesis machine.
  8. Super alkaline water can be achieved by selecting the #4 acid levels – collect the alkaline water from the disposal drain pipe. This water is usually 11 pH or higher.
  9. Remember this is done at your own risk and we will not be responsible for your misuse of the machine and its water.

In conclusion it is important to note it is your responsibility to return the Genesis to its previous setting before drinking the water again.

In a nut shell what makes the Genesis screen the most advanced on the market today?

It displays pH, ORP, water flow, filter life of #1 and #2 filters, it has an auto diagnostic system to display error codes, equipped with multiple re-programmed settings for the most popular uses of water, 1 preset set button just for filtered water, 4 for alkaline water, 1 button pressed 3 times gives 3 levels of acid water, 1 for mode select, another to make your preferred setting stick and perhaps the most controlling of all is the on and off button. In all 9 buttons are available, programmed to achieve 76 different settings including pH and ORP levels.


Top 4 buttons are for selecting alkaline water

  • #1 preset for 8.5 pH
  • #2 preset for 9.0 pH
  • #3 preset for 9.5 pH
  • #4 preset for 11 pH

Second roll of 4 buttons

  • #1 Mode for change Settings (hold for 10 seconds)
  • #2 Set Button makes the settings stick
  • #3 Acid Button (an extra push on the button will advance it to the next preset acid pH)
  • #4 Purified Water Only Button (water only goes through the filter)

Third roll/bottom button is for on/off

An 11 pH high alkaline setting can be used for cooking and cleaning of vegetables, making coffee, and tea. This pH setting makes the food taste better and neutralizes the acid found in coffee and tea. A pH ranging between 7 and 9.5 are generally used for drinking purposes. An 8.5 pH – 170 ORP is for people who are just starting to drink ionized water. It is mild so the person drinking it won’t detoxify too quickly. The Genesis Platinum #4 setting is very much like what you get from a natural stream of water (9.5 ph with an ORP of -300). The third button on the second level is set for acid water (preset at a 3.0 pH) a natural detergent. A 6.0 pH is ideal for plants, 5.0 pH is best for beauty of the face and a 4.0 pH is an ideal mild disinfectant for cleaning rashes and wounds.

10 good reasons to justify the purchase of a Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer.

  1. Adequate power (300 watts) to create perfect water for your family’s needs.
  2. 5 Year Unlimited Labor, Parts, and Shipping Warranty. We want you to use your machine and enjoy ionized water without excessive warranty limitations. Water for Life USA agrees to pay for shipping cost to get the machine fixed if anything goes wrong within the warranty period.
  3. Water for Life USA has an "A" Rating with Better Business Bureau. Do some research at ? Especially look for Tyent USA.
  4. The Genesis Platinum speaks for itself - No deception needed. All of our main competitors have a tendency to manipulate and deceive you into buying their products. 
  5. The Genesis Platinum is listed with the US FDA as a medical device a requirement by law for all medical devices. Tyent, Life and Engaging USA do not have such listing.
  6. Genesis Platinum is NRTL Certified. Genesis Platinum has the NRTL safety approval and Tyent does not.
  7. Most reasonable fair pricing. At $1695, the Genesis Platinum is the top water ionizer on the market at the best price.
  8. Slotted Plate technology for lifespan duration. The Genesis Platinum has a patented slotted plate design which utilizes the plate’s entire surface during ionization; making sure the edges doesn’t ware out similar to what happens when using solid plates.
  9. SMPS Electrical System. The machines SMPS electrical system allows the transformer to run cooler without wasting unnecessary electricity in the form of heat, which often damages components over time.
  10. Lifetime guarantee on plates and electrical system. If anything ever goes wrong with the plates or electrical system inside the Genesis Platinum Ionizer Water for Life USA will replace them for free.

Here is a list of Genesis Platinum features

7 Platinum Titanium Plates

  • Surface area of 200 sq. inches.
  • 76 Programmable pH and ORP Levels
  • 76 combination levels of programmable pH and ORP customizable to the comfort of you and your family.

Premium Dual Filtration

Uses a premium carbon activated filter as well as a specialized media filter to improve the filtration of water contaminants including fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals.

Smart Filtration Technology (SFT)

Built in microchips (outside of filter casings) to monitor filter life and contaminate levels to indicate the exact time to change filter.

SMPS Power Control System

Overcomes unstable power issues that are related to heat, noise and power loss.

Full Size Color LCD Screen

Displays pH & ORP estimations + reading the auto-diagnosis system, filter life, flow rate, and more.

Automatic Water Flow Control

No need to manually adjust water flow system will automatically turn water on, filter it, and ionize it.

Automatic Cleaning System

Automatically cleans as you use it. No waiting for fresh, ionized water every time you need it.

Smart Auto-Diagnosis System

Six internal operating systems are continuously monitored to ensure product safety & optimal performance.

Automatic Draining System

The electrolysis cell system and filter are automatically drained to ultimately expand the life of the machine and ease full system cleaning. This feature goes above and beyond other standard ionizer systems.

Automatic pH and ORP Control and Display

Automatically controls pH and ORP levels adjusting the ionization according to mineral content in the tap water. This feature allows for an estimate display of pH and ORP water levels.

Advanced Voice Prompt System

Voice prompt notifies the user of each system function through soothing voice prompts, chimes, and soft music all having 5 levels of volume including a mute.

Real Time Water Flow Data

Monitors and displays the exact water flow rates to ensure accurate pH and ORP levels.

Contemporary Design

Compact, sleek look, designed to easily fit in with any decor in your kitchen or home.

Superior Materials

Genesis Platinum is made of superior high quality materials, leak proof stainless steel adapters & non-toxic food-grade hoses and plumbing. All of which makes a Genesis Platinum a really smart choice!

The Advanced Genesis Platinum Screen         

Genesis Platinum water ionizer has a communication feature unlike any other comparable water ionizers. The LCD screen displays water flow in liters per minute, tells filter life remaining for both filters 1 and 2, and displays the pH and ORP levels by pressing the “set” button. As technical issues occur the screen will display error codes to identify problems. In the Genesis setup, it has a display of 76 different ionization levels, a volume adjustment, dozens of ORP levels and so much more.

The Genesis Installation is Super Easy!

  • Install stainless steel cold water line diverted valve under your sink, or for temporary use install the stainless steel diverted valve on your faucet head.                                            
  • Utilizing one of the ¼” tubing provided run the tube from the diverted valve to the compression valve marked “IN” underneath the machine.
  • Now connect the second ¼” tube to the valve marked “Out” to drain the acidic water from the machine to the sink. Unlike other companies we provide both valves to accommodate for universal hock up and customer preference. See picture above.


 Water for Life USA recommends the following OEM replacement filters for their KYK Harmony, KYK Genesis and the new Genesis Platinum with multi-staged filters for advanced filtration and safety. Notice each replacement filter shows many different levels of treatment. To avoid down time it is important to have one of each filter on hand in case one or the other plugs up.


Genesis & Genesis Platinum Activated Carbon Replacement Filter #1

This is the number one OEM recommended Carbon Filter for KYK Genesis 25000, Genesis 30000 and Genesis Platinum. It has seven levels of treatment including four anti-bacterial felts, a sediment filter, ion exchange resin, and activated carbon. This filter is helpful in keeping you and your family safe from bacteria, chlorine, and other contaminants that threaten society, your health & well being. 

Replacement Filter One is good for about 4000 liters (estimated 1142 gallons), and should be changed about every 6 months.

Now $70.00

Genesis & Genesis Platinum Media Replacement Filter #2

This is the number two OEM recommended Media Replacement Filter for KYK Genesis, Genesis 25000, Genesis 30000 and Genesis Platinum. It offers a large section of silver activated carbon filtration, pure calcium, activated carbon, ceramic ball, as well as five additional anti-bacteria felts. As the tap water passes through both filters the water becomes clean, fresh, smooth, full of calcium, and ready to be ionized.

 Replacement Filter Two is good for about 8000 liters (estimated 2285 gallons), and should be changed about every 12 months for better filtration.

Now $75.00

 KYK Harmony Carbon Activated Replacement Filter

The life expectancy of the filter is 6 months to a 1 year or 7000 liters. The KYK Harmony filter is the superior .01 micron filter and adds calcium to your water. This Carbon Activated filter removes 99.99% of pollutants from your drinking water, making it the safest and tastiest available.

Now $79.00

 Cleaning Cartridge for Genesis & Genesis Platinum Ionizers

This is one of the best alkaline water ionizer filters for cleaning your unit. It goes inside the machine and will clean your plates with citric acid. No need for any pre-filters!

The Cleaning Cartridge will clean the plates of the Genesis Models and is inserted in the #2 filter compartment. This is recommended for customers with hard water with scaling issues that may interfere with the water ionizers performance. If you have hard water, you should use the cleaning cartridge once every six to nine months. Regular water customers should use this cartridge once every year.

Now $60.00

What are you doing to protect yourself and family?

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